Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fractograf is a mash up of a photo mixture and social networking to create a shareable image. When you magnify a fractograf you’ll see that it is comprised of many smaller images, called fraxels. A fractograf differs from a photo mosaic in that it is seamless: friends can contribute to your piece, it allows beacons to signal different features and it can also incorporate other fractografs.
Fractografs start with a single cover photo, after which you can delve directly into your Camera Roll or snap new images to add on the fly. The images are instantly color matched, creating a sense of unity for your cover photo in a fun-to-watch animation.
What's New in Version 1.3

*What!?! You and your friends ran out of images to create fractografs with? No worries. This new version introduces Visual Social Exploration—simply type in any term or hashtag and we instantly create a fractograf made from relevant photos and videos from the most popular networks.

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  1. I used Fractograf and What I found useful in this Android application is that it is not only photography app but also works as full-flashed Social networking app. All-in-All, it is nice android app. Thanks


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