Sunday, 14 December 2014

LinkedIn is not the typical social network where you talk about your daily life, share holiday pictures or play online games. It’s a social network for business.

On LinkedIn you’ll find all the tools you need to maintain a complete online CV, keep in touch with co-workers from your present – and also earlier – company, receive recommendations from people who have worked with you and search for a new job if you need to.


LinkedIn is also the perfect place for personnel departments and head-hunters, as they can use it as an active, constantly growing database to find new employees. These are precisely the kind of people who can make the most of LinkedIn’s paid options.

The basic, free account on LinkedIn includes a detailed form to enter details about your education, experience and personal interests. The CV is completed with a picture and recommendations from your friends and former colleagues.

In any case, LinkedIn is the kind of social network you really want to be in; you never know when a fantastic career opportunity is going to appear.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network that enables you to have a complete professional CV online and look for new career opportunities.

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