Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Now download the latest version(1.43.1) of candy crush saga for android .Candy Crush Saga is a yummy puzzle game with a social touch, where we will have to connect different coloured candies to create chains and make them disappear, while we progress through at least 200 levels that we will find in our sugared adventure.

The mechanics of
Candy Crush Saga are
very easy to learn, though quite complex to master. For this reason, this game will be liked by the smallest ones that will be able to concentrate on the coloured graphics and simple movements; as well as the older ones, that will find challenges that go further than just pairing up coloured candies.

Candy Crush Saga offers different game modes. Among them, the major campaign stands out offering more than a hundred different levels, in which we will have to fulfill a series of objectives to be able to make progress. Nevertheless, the Jelly, Ingredients, or Candy O
rder modes will also provide a good dose of fun.

Two important strong points in the
Candy Crush Saga
are the visual aspects: bright and coloured; as well as its social connection, that will allow us to compete with our friends on Facebook and see how they are doing.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most entertaining titles that we can find for Android devices.

Candy Crush Saga (Android) - Download 


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